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Subject: Re: [Leica] dumb question
From: ternahan <>
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 19:17:53 -0700

Thanks Doug and Don,

not only are you kind and patient, but I actually understand your replies.
At least I think I do : there are more things I need to buy!

Thanks, guys!

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> Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 21:16:00 -0400
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> Subject: RE: [Leica] dumb question
> trish ternahan wrote:
> Would some kind and patient Lugger please explain the following
> items and
> how to use them?
> bellows 
> APO extension 1.4
> 2X  APO extender ROM
> macro adapters
> Right angeleviewers?
> anything else in this general category
> <<<
> Seeing as no kind and patient LUGgers have responded, I'll give it a
> go:
> APO extenters, both 1.4x and 2x, increase the effective focal length of
> the lens without changing the focussing range.  If you were to use a 2x
> extender on the 60mm Macro, you'd effectively have a m120mm lens
> that focusses from infinity to Very Close.  Since the 60 by itself
> focusses close enough for a 1:2 reproduction ratio, and the 2x extender
> doubles the magnification at any given distance, the 60+2x extender
> focuses close enough to give you a 1:1 reproduction ratio.  The 1.4
> extender would produce a lesser effect except for a peculiarity of its
> design:  The front elements protrude beyond the lens mount, so only a
> few of the longer lenses may be used with this extender w/o damaging
> stuff.  The 60 ain't one you can use with the 1.4x extender.
> Since ROM doesn't do anything on your R6 you choice between ROM
> and non-ROM would be based on the best deal you can get.
> A macro adapter is a fancy name for extension tube.  It goes between
> the camera and lens, just like the extenders do, but the only think it
> does is change the focussing range.  You lose infinity focus but gain an
> even closer minimum focus distance.  How close depends on the
> length of the extension tube, the focal length of the lens and how close
> the lens can focus normally.  In general a longer extension tube gets
> you closer, and given a particular extension tube, a shorter focal length
> lens will get you closer.  The biggest problem with using shorter
> lenses for close-up photos is lighting.  A bellows is a variable-length
> extension tube that IMHO is too fragile for my typical use outdoors.
> Right-angle viewers are handy when your camera is stuck to a copy
> stand and you want to see in the viewfinder without climbing on the
> table and squatting over the camera with your rear end threatening to
> knock yesterday's pizza and stale Jolt onto the persian carpet.  The
> right-angle thingie allows one to maintain a civilized posture while
> focussing the camera.
> There are also ELPRO close-up lenses that screw into the filter
> threads of R lenses that have E55 filter threads.  They're quite handy for
> the occasional close-up photo but unless you stop the lens down a few
> extra stops the image quality won't be as good as your 60 (marvelous
> lens, BTW) with extension tubes.
> Doug Herr
> Birdman of Sacramento
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