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Subject: Re: [Leica] Homepages / crtique / smoking in the us of a.
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 15:26:23 -0400
References: <000901c15860$efc2a4a0$>

Well Mikko, I say, if you want to show a photo in which someone is
smoking, show away - it's your art. And I say this as a vehement, nay,
pretty fanatic, anti-smoker with severe chronic asthma who never smoked
a cigarette in his life but who grew up with two parents who smoked
heavily. I am very much opposed to smoking in movies - which are, with
some exceptions, commerce, not art. But if you happen to take a photo
that shows someone smoking, and it's a good photo - display away.
Besides, I doubt that 10 million impressionable young folks are going to
be checking out your webpage. ;-)

B. D.

BTW - Don't forget that having the untrammeled right to smoke in Finland
carries with it the untrammeled inevitability of high rates of lung
cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and other diseases a couple of decades
down the road. 

Mikko Kalavainen wrote:
> Hello.
> >Mark Rabiner wrote
> >But Mikko you don't want to influence those young up and comers to have
> >cigarettes sticking out the bottom of their Leicas, Mikko!
> >They might think that's what they have to do to have such fantastic
> creative
> >energy as you do!
> and
> >Doug Herr wrote:
> >ALL comments?  Hmmmm.....  I like the photos, and I'm looking
> >forward to more but (off-topic) having seen my father-in-law decline
> >from good health to today's funeral in a matter of months due to lung
> >cancer, I suggest you lose the smokes.
> Oooh boy. I didn't think *anyone* would comment on that one... It's
> strange, because here in Finland we still get to smoke quite freely, in
> bars etc. Ofcourse there are the required-by-law no-smoking tables in
> restaurants, but otherwise... Don't you Americans have some tighter laws
> about public smoking, at least in some parts of the country?
> I'll see what I can do. I will put out my cigarette if someone asks me
> to in real life, so why wouldn't I do it in the Inertnet also? If I can
> find another picture, then why not...
> >trying to figure out which glasses goes with which M6 the best for his
> own
> >mirror self portrait for his website. And which shirt.
> >Instead of a ciggie will have a side of beef hanging out of his mouth.
> Mark, don't you remember? Glasses and Leica don't mix. Mind you, I'll
> gladly take an good piece of meat from a bull, rather than a cigarette.
> Nothing beats meat. :)
>                       -mikko-
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