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Subject: Re: [Leica] Friday for sale -- Rondinax tanks
From: "thomas schofield" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 09:59:45 -0700

It is a single roll only daylight loading developing tank.  There were two 
versions, one, the cheaper model, was very simple and you have to agitate it 
continuously because there is no film reel -- you just keep cranking it back 
and forth to keep the film moving around in the solution, and which would 
leak from around the crank, so you have to stay over the sink or hold a 
towel under it.  The more expensive one wound the film onto a plastic reel 
and had a cutter to cut it free from the cartridge when wound out, and also 
featured a built in thermometer (which I always thought was useless, because 
you had better have your solutions tempered before you put them in!).  The 
fancier one was sold under Agfa and Leitz names, the cheaper one Agfa only 
AFAIK.  If you are buying the fancier one to use, inspect the condition of 
the strap that clips onto the film and pulls it down into the reel.  Not 
much to go wrong with the cheapy, except the leaky seal around the crank.  I 
had the cheap one when I was a tike -- circa 1970 -- and my Lithuanian 7th 
grade photography teacher, who said he once worked in a processing lab and 
swore he'd never load another roll of film in the dark, had the fancier one. 
  He was my first Leica influence, with his M3, 50mm DR Summicron, 135 
Elmarit w/eyes, and 35mm w/eyes (I do not recall which version of the 35mm). 
  When I would remark how sharp his pictures were, he would reply, "Of 
course -- eeeeez wit Leica!"

More than you wanted to know?   Maybe I am just having a Senior Moment.

Tom Schofield

>Anyone know what a Rondinax developing tank is?

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