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Subject: [Leica] Trashed lenses (was "Noctilux")
From: Andrew Nemeth <>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 08:05:12 +1000

"Rodgers, David" <> wrote:

>I'm amazed at how badly a lens can be damaged without it showing up in the
>results. Over the years I've used played around with some pretty scratched
>up lenses (front and rear elements). I've yet to identify degredation.

I have a spare 50mm M Summicron which is full of fluff and fungus.
There's no need to shine a light through the back of the lens,
just look into it from the front and it looks like one of those
souvenir snow-storm paper-weights with the flakes frozen mid-shake(!)

If that's not enough, the rear element(s) have half-separated
and behind the fluff you can make out a bright rainbow of newtons

You would think that a lens like this would only produce fuzzy, Nikon
quality images, but not so.  Typical Leica M razor sharp images with
lots of contrast.

The only time things get strange is when shooting into the sun or
spotlights - then the newton's rings colour the flare (rather
than keep it a uniform white).

I use the lens mainly when I'm down by the beach or out in the
rain.  I also like to carry it around to give the occassional
fussy Leica fanatic a heart attack.  :?)


Andrew Nemeth

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