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Subject: [Leica] Self introduction and first info-seeking topic
From: Eng Yeo <>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 11:21:45 +1200

This is my first attempt to join your group discussion and I hope you will
be as encouraging to me as you have been to each other.

I bought my first camera in Dec. 1956. It took 90% of my hard savings from
my bank as I was only a student then.
That camera was the Leica M3.
Ever since, I had been a Leicaphile and had also gone into the R series.
The Leicas had been a great comfort and joy for a shy young man that I was
and that was the only expression I could give myself.

Over the years I had drifted away to Canonflex, then Nikon etc. but in my
heart of hearts, Leica has always been my one and only love. It still is,
otherwise, I would NOT be here.

Recently, I am using quite a lot of EOS and its L series of lenses.
I found that synchro-sun is very easy with this system.
In contrast, I felt disappointed with Leica in its research and development
on 'flash' technology.
Whenever I see a Leica agent visiting the shop I frequented, I always make
it be known of my needs and disappointment on flash technology with the
Leicas hoping that he will feed the Leica with such sentiments.

Leica, to me can solve any problem. They have the know-how except perhaps
how the make things more economically-viable.
I am sure, the M series could do with higher synchro speed in a mechanical
shutter than what it is offered to the market. Such low synchro speed is way
behind time.
The R8, have this ROM system just for flash. I do not see any advantage of
this with regard to its cost. Perhaps, this has been discussed by this
forum. If it had, please let me know the website so that I can visit. If
not, please explain to this old man the logic and the advantage of such a
The flash, SF20, is such a small and simplied unit for a system using ROM
built into the lenses. What is the explanation?

I know, LUGs believe in natural light photography. I am also a believer of
this but surely Leica must be abreast with time. It is way behind in this
technology (compared with Nikon, Canon and Minolta etc). Synchro-sun is also
used by lots of people.

I write this not as a complaint but to learn what you LUGs know and also as
an appeal that Leica would catch up in this technology.

Thank you and look forward to your constructive comments.


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