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Subject: RE: [Leica] Re: New aviation rules
From: "Wang, Albert" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 11:15:54 -0400

Indeed it's hard to say... you can't predict what terrorists can do
nowadays... I just hope that they don't ban Leica camera case straps :(
since they pose a strangling hazard to pilots and flight attendants...

About risk assessment, I've done it before for 2 years os Yale... I just
want to say that it's definitely a lot of intellectual marlarkey in the long
run... after all, no risk assessment is going to erase the moral effects of
the tragedy.


on 9/18/01 3:05 PM, Rodgers, David at thoughtfully

> I never liked checking bags, but I think this is a great idea. I'd buy
> it immediately. It would certainly make boarding and unboarding faster.
> Airlines are pretty good at handling luggage these days. Either that or
> been extremely lucky the past few years.

Oh boy - I think it's one of the most stupid ideas of the (young) century.

I work when I'm on the plane. No carry-on means no brief-case, no computer,
no work materials. Will I be allowed to carry on a novel? Women carry on


People can't make risk assesments at all it seems.

Do you think someone couldn't sneak a weapon in via their shoe? Shall we all
board naked? (I pity the people who'd have to see ME).

Can we get a sense of perspective.......PLEASE?????


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