Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/09/13

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Subject: [Leica] terror in America
From: John Pakington <>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 13:20:08 +0100

May I add my heartfelt sympathies to all those affected (as we all are) by
the horrifying events in America over the past few days. I have attached a
mail sent to me by a colleague of my wife's who is an English Muslim. I feel
it is worth reading.


> 	Several of you have asked me recently for my opinion on this week's
> tragic events. Particularly, as I am, as you know a Muslim.
> 	I'd appreciate it if you could take a few moments to read my mail
> and the passage below my Nicholas Fisk in the independent.
> 	I am fortunate enough to work with colleagues who are obviously
> learned and open-minded individuals. I'm confident that all of you will
> not jump to incorrect conclusions about the Islamic faith on the back of
> the terrible attacks on America this week.
> 	I have been disgusted and deeply saddened by some of the things I
> have heard and read this week - in some cases by my own supposed friends
> who have clearly been brainwashed by certain media into thinking that the
> whole Muslim world is evil.
> 	It is a dangerous thing to making sweeping generalisations - we must
> never been taught in life to apply irrational conclusions to any given
> situation without any proof.
> 	Nor can we take one scene shown by the 'truth bearers' - CNN news
> coverage of Palestine and conclude that the entire Muslim world also
> rejoiced at the terrorist attacks.
> 	The Islamic faith, the sources that comprise of it's laws and way of
> life, does not advocate suicide bombings, nor the terror of thousands of
> innocent people.
> 	I am deeply disappointed and disillusioned by the crazy parallels
> that are being drawn to the Islamic world.
> 	If God has inculcated within any of these people any portion of good
> morality then I - we as Muslims who condemn the atrocity that took place
> yesterday without any compromise, hope its steers within them a sense of
> guilt and regret at the statements that have been so callously posted,
> without any proof.
> 	Terrorists and Islam must not be tarred with the same brush. 
> 	Please, please, please realise the vast, majority of Muslims are
> deeply shocked and saddened at the atrocities - and I'm delighted that Mr
> Blair highlighted this in his press briefing yesterday.
> 	I hope that the violence witnessed yesterday will not breed further
> violence, but fear this is now a foregone conclusion.
> 	I would ask you all to pray for all the persons who lost their lives
> this week, and their families, but also to pray that hundreds of thousands
> more will not needlessly lose theirs. 
> 	Best regards

Johnnie Pakington
57a Jamestown Road
00 44 (0)20 7419 6964