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Subject: Re: [Leica] Private Property and Buildings
From: "Jim Laurel" <>
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 15:36:46 -0700
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I agree with Marc's advice.  In this thread, several of us have made
comments on our shrinking freedoms in the US.  However, in a situation like
this, at least our legal rights are well defined and not subject to the
whims of some local bureaucrat.  In many other parts of the world, your
rights would begin and end with the best interests of the local enchilada.

- --Jim

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From: "Marc James Small" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, September 07, 2001 3:04 PM
Subject: Re: [Leica] Private Property and Buildings

> At 02:09 PM 9/7/01 -0700, Irving Greines wrote:
> >If I were on public property, here's what I'd do:  I'd ask the so-called
> >private security officer to furnish his or her identification;  I'd then
> >right down the information; I'd then tell the person I am standing on
> >property and have a first amendment right to be there and to photograph
> >anything I want to photograph.  I'd say that if he/she interferes in any
> >with my right, I'm going to sue.  If the person continues to interfere,
> >ask him/her to call the police or if I had a cell phone, I'd call the
> >police.  If more security personnel arrive, I'd say the more the merrier.
> >I'd ask for their ID's and write down the information.  I'd tell all of
> >if they lay a finger on me, they can look forward to hearing from your
> >lawyer.
> >
> >I would venture to guess that if you approach it this way, you'll scare
> >hell out of them.
> I used to be an MP and I have, since I have become a lawyer, trained
> security types.  Trust me:  challenging them only makes their hormones
> rage.  You cannot intimidate them.  The Police CAN intimidate them, and
> that is the proper response -- dial 911 and explain that you have a group
> of nasty folks threatening you.  (DON'T tell the operator these are
> security guards, or the police will award you a priority down there with
> the dead dog reports.  Say "strange people" and the police -- seeing HUGE
> headlines in tomorrow's paper -- will be there ASAP.)
> But these security types, once they are feeling their testosterone
> will not go away until Superior Force is applied.
> Marc
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