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Subject: Re: [Leica] Fuji Acros?
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 00:27:38 EDT

I have been using the ACROS since last year when Fuji in Japan gave me a 
couple of sample rolls to try - shot them in Hong Kong and promptly ordered 
another 200 rolls. To give you an idea how much I like it, I just had to 
reorder another 200 rolls and this in spite of having been unable to shot as 
much as I usually do due to my illness. Yes, I like it. The Delta 100 has 
marginally finer grain but considerably less acutance. The ACROS incorporated 
Potassium Iodide in the emulsion and this raises the acutance - just like 
when you mix Beutler's developer and you add it to the solution. Tonality of 
the ACROS is equal to the Delta but sharpness looks more enhanced. Great 
separation between shadows and midtones too. I have been experimenting with 
various developers and for standard shooting at 100 ASA I have been using D76 
1:1 at 10 minutes and 70F, 10 sec agitation every 60 sec, works fine as I can 
also throw in Tri-X in the same tank if needed. For real "sharp" negs I mix 
the old Willi Beutler formula and run it for 8,5 minutes, edge sharpness like 
cut with a razor! Next test run will be with one of the old Pyro Catechol 
developers, the classic Windish formula. I have tried it on Delta and it 
gives you a mix of very edgy negs with a slight Pyro tinge to it. I haven't 
gotten the times right yet on the Windish/ACROS but if the weather 
co-operates in the next couple of weeks I will try some more. I have been 
using Delta 100 for a quite a while and it is a very good film, but for some 
reason it foams like crazy in my developing tanks. The pressure builds up to 
a point where the agitation is impeded and I have had problems with 
air-bubbles. I don't know why it does it and it bugs me. I asked ILFORD in UK 
and they could not explain it either, too soft water?
Anyone else with the same problem? 
 Take out your trusty M3 or M2, stick a 50/2 DR Summicron on it and load up 
with ACROS and run it in Beutler - it is sharp and snappy. Works very well 
with vintage cars, picks the chrome and gleaming paint details in almost 3D 
 I have just been eyeing one of my Summiluxes, an early 50/1,4, the version 
everyone loves to hate because it "was not that good" and a bit flary and 
soft wide-open. Wonder how that lens would behave with a contrasty film like 
the ACROS in Windish developer? If I have a chance in the next couple of days 
I will try it and report.
All the best,
Tom A

Tom Abrahamsson
Vancouver, BC

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