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Subject: [Leica] Help needed for a new purchaser
From: "ML" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 05:43:40 -0500

Iím considering getting back into photography and purchasing Leica M
gear. I have a number of questions.

Iíve answered some of my questions with searches, but my latest attempts
to access the archives of the LUG and other groups have been
unsuccessful in answering my latest questions --- in the past few days
Iíve been unable to access the LUG archives search feature, getting only
an error message.

Iím contemplating purchasing a new M6 TTL body with three lenses --- a
significant expense. I want to make a wise purchase.

Does Leica USA honor warranties on grey-market purchases?

Canon, for example, will repair under warranty any gear whether
grey-market or USA if shown a valid sales receipt, regardless of how it
was imported into the US. Nikon, apparently, wonít touch gear that isnít
accompanied by a USA warranty. So, where does Leica stand?

If Leica does not honor any warranties on grey-market gear, is it
sensible to purchase grey-market Leica lenses, bodies, etc.? I might
save $400+ on grey-market gear.

Is grey-market Leica gear a sensible route to take?

If so, who would you folks recommend as a good dealer? (Itís interesting
that B&H does not advertise Leica grey-market gear --- unfortunate, as I
trust them.)

I have more questions, but Iíll stop here for now.



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