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Subject: Re: [Leica] yesterday's technolgy at retired dentists prices!
From: David Degner <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 17:25:32 -0400
References: <45EDA71CFF25D411A2E400508B6FC52A031E08DE@ORPORTEXCH1>

Thank you, you've made me feel better about buying my Leica instead of an F2.

At 10:38 PM 6/28/2001 +0200, you wrote:
>David Rodgers writes:
> > Why is it that adults are more nervous about
> > being photographed, than are children?
>Adults watch too much news on television, and that makes them paranoid, since
>the whole purpose of television news is to instill fear and worry.
> > People get edgy when somebody takes aim with
> > an SLR. The bigger the lens, the more nervous
> > they become.
>A bizarre reaction.  What do they fear from an SLR that they would not 
>fear from
>a disposable?
> > An M seems to be less intrusive. Is it because
> > of the smaller lenses?
>Smaller everything, I think.  Plus that very old-fashioned look, like 
>you found at a garage sale.  Everyone knows that the
>Internet-pedophile-pornographer-paparazzi always use SLRs (even though the
>eponymous Paparazzo in _La Dolce Vita_ used a Leica, as I recall!).
> > I wonder what people's reactions are when they
> > realize a camera is pointed at them.
>If they watch a lot of news, fear and hostility.  Otherwise, mostly curiosity,
>possibly shyness or a slight ego boost (all of these are seen in children, for
> > Is it true that an SLR forms more of a wall
> > between the photographer and the subject than
> > an M?
>It makes a better weapon for self-defense, at least.

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