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Subject: RE: [Leica] Home depot and the rest
From: "Austin Franklin" <>
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001 20:04:24 -0400

> >>I said that wrong.  <<
> >>BTW, I would suggest you invoke your spell checker.  You don't spell so
> good
> ;-)<<
> I apologize for missing an "s" in Massachusetts. I wasn't aware that such
> minor errors warranted comment.

It wasn't only that, or I would not have said anything.  Every post of yours
I respond to has two or so typo's.  I wasn't criticizing you, just making a

> I would be interested in the rules of evidence at one of these civil
> speeding hearings.

I told you what they were!  Some OTHER guy shows up, and says someone else
said you were speeding.  Judge says "guilty".  I'm not kidding, simple as

I was out of my Jeep, been at the town beach for 5 minutes, having eaten
half my sandwich already...and some dork local cop comes up to me some 20
yards from my Jeep and gives me a ticket for going 45 in a 20 zone!  I'd be
lucky to do 25 in my Jeep on the road to the town beach mind you.  The
witness who came to court with me was actually in front of the cop, behind
an ambulance behind a bunch of other cars on a side street...some 1/2 mile
or so away, and happened to be going to the beach...and saw what the cop
did, and offered to testify that he never saw me anywhere near the cop, and
that there was no way the cop could have seen me around the ambulance,
around a corner behind a bunch of cars, and view blocked by dozens of trees.
In court, the office lied, said he was right behind me the entire way, the
judge said "guilty, next" and that was that.  I am not the only person who
has complained to the town that this cop is a liar.

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