Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/06/21

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Subject: [Leica] leica fs 6-22-01
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 01:07:22 EDT

Please note:  please leave a message at 212-398-0402. We always return all 
We are now accepting orders for the Leica 28f2.0 ASPH lens. A $200 deposit 
will hold this New, USA lens for you when it arrives. Price is $1995 - $200 
mail in rebate = $1795.  

Leica Lens Compendium, by Erwin Putts...due JUNE, will be $59 for US version. 
- ------------------------
Special Purchases:

NEW RELEASE: Leica made Screw Mount to M adapters. Just like the old ones! 
New, USA $99

Leica Rifle Scopes: (the last of them...)
1.75 - 6x32 scope, Exc+ condition, some wear on barrel, glass perfect $399
3.5 - 10x42 scope, Mint- condition, very very slight wear, perf. glass $545
4.5 - 14x42 scope, Mint-/Mint condition. Hardly a mark, perf. glass, large 
scope! $695

Leica Binoculars
Leica 8x32 BA, New USA, full passport (after rebate) $675
Leica 7x42 BA Blue Marine Set $545
Leica 8x20 Titanium Binoculars, boxed demos, this stock is it! $300 !!! ($119 

Sharan (Minox) Rollei 2.8 F TLR   "classic camera"  the most unique 
subminiature. Works just like the camera it is modeled after. was $495, now 
- -----------------------
Leica M bodies:

Leica M6 Millennium, black paint! $3995  
Leica M6 TTL .72 black, New, USA $1995 ( - rebate ) = $1795
Leica M6 TTL .72 black, 3 year warr. blank cards (after rebate) $1650
Leica M6 TTL .72 black or silver, USA demos, 1 year warr. $1350
Leica M6 TTL .85 LHSA black paint, New, USA, full warr. $2695
Leica M6 Titanium, "classic" .72 Exc++   $1695
Leica M6 black, .85 "classic" (scarce) Exc/Exc+ $1695
Leica M6 black .72 "classic" Exc++/Mint- $1450
Leica M6 black .72 "classic" Wetzlar, Exc+/Exc++ $1395
Leica M6 chrome .72 "classic" WETZLAR (rare in chrome) cap/strap, Exc++ $1245
Leica M3 DS 809xxx, chrome, Exc/Exc+ $995
Leica M2 chrome, LR ST Exc++/Mint- $1250
Leica M2 chrome, Exc "good user" $1050

Wanted: Mint Abrahamsson M6 winders (black paint or black chrome!)
Also needed: Mint M4 reasonably priced.

Leica M lenses:

Leica New M Motor Drive,  (14408) new import $595 (due in Monday!)
Leica 21mmf2.8 ASPH Elmarit new import,  was $1495, now $1395
Leica 24mmf2.8 ASPH Elmarit, new import, was $1595, now $1379! ***this weeks 
web special***
Leica 28f2.8 Elmarit, new import $1395
Leica 35f1.4 ASPH Titanium, new boxed, $3195
Leica 35f2.0 ASPH, black paint,  (after $200 rebate) $1595  
Leica 35f2.0 ASPH, black, new import $1195 
Leica 35f2.8 Summaron, Wetlar, Mint- $895
Leica 50f2.8 new import, black $595
Leica 50f2.8 black, Mint, caps, case $595
Leica 50f2.0 Summicron, black, Mint demo, one year warr., latest $645
Leica 50f1.4 Summilux black paint, 3 year, (after $200 rebate) $2095
Leica 50f1.4 Summilux Silver, one year USA warranty, Mint $1395
Leica 50f1.4 Summilux black, one year USA warranty, Mint $1395
Leica 50f1.4 Summilux black, Wetzlar, caps, Exc++ ,Mint glass $1195
Leica 90f2.0 APO ASPH, black, new import  $1595 
Leica 135f3.4 Telyt APO new import,  $1550 

Leica R

Leica R8, New USA 3 year warr., German made $1895 - $200 rebate = $1695
Leica R8, demo, near Mint, 1 year warr.  silver $1395
Leica R8, Mint demo, boxed, complete, black $1199
Leica R7 black, Exc++/Mint-, case  $895
Leica 16f2.8 ROM, latest, new import was $1695, now $1679 
Leica 19f2.8 ROM Mint in case was $1995, now $1899  
Leica 28f2.8 3 cam'ed, Exc/Exc-, takes great pics. caps and shade, $495
Leica 50f2.0 ROM 3 year leica warranty, even lower  $799 - $200 rebate = $599
Leica 50f1.4 ROM, new import, back in stock after a long absence $1345
Leica 100f2.8 APO Macro, (11352) ROM new import $1995, now $1895
Leica 100f2.8 APO Macro, (11352) ROM Mint in box was $1895  now $1825 ***this 
weeks web special***
Leica 180f2.8 APO ROM, demo, 1 year Leica USA warr. $2445
Leica 70-180f2.8 APO Vario Elmarit, boxed, 3 year USA passport warr. $2795 - 
$200 = $2595 
Leica 80-200f4 like new demo, 1 year Leica warranty, case, caps, was $1345, 
then $1325, now $1305 ***this weeks web special***

Misc :
Leica E55 Polarizer, USA demo, Mint boxed was $159, now $149 ***one only at 
this price ***
Leica E67 Polarizer, USA demo $199
Televid Spotting Scopes, Strait Televid 77, demo, 1 year Leica warranty $599
Leica 10x25 BCA rubber armored binoculars, USA demos $325 !!!  
Minox "Leica M3" chrome, in wooden display case, New, USA $399  
Leica 0-Series, unused demo/blank cards/3 year warr. $2095
Minox "Leica IIIf classic camera" in wooden display case, was $400, now $300
Sharan "Nikon F classic camera" in display case, New $350  
Sharan BLACK Leica IIIf, limited edition "swedish military" $449 (limited 
Minox Ever Ready case for IIIf, IIIf black and Minox M3, New, USA $149

Domke and Billingham bags: more in stock...please inquire.

Please call (212) 398-0402 and leave a message. We are expanding our business 
so please be patient if it takes us a little longer than usual to get back to