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Subject: [Leica] Re: [Leica] photography in stores, malls, etc.
From: Jason Vicinanza <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 16:02:28 +0100

I was in the new Tate gallery of modern art in London?s south bank this
afternoon. The Tate is just a short walk from my place of work.
The Tate was converted from an old power station and the main entrance is
known as the Turbine Room. It?s an amazing space so I decided to take a
few photographs of its expanse to test out my new 35mm lens.
To get to the point? one of the security ladies asked me if she could see
my ?press pass? whether she said this due to the fact that I was quite or
whether I was using a Leica or just didn?t ?look? like the other visitors
(I was in my office garb). who knows.
I simply apologised and she responded by saying.. ?yeah it?s a petty rule
Im wondering if they don?t let people take photographs in these places as
it may discourage tourists from purchasing post cards, books etc.

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>Ted's point is well made and very common sense.  I have actually had very
>good experiences in public spaces by being somewhat apologetic and accomodating
>when asked by security guards or others what I was doing.  In several cases
>they actually gave me access to even better spaces which were more private
>and with better views.  In most of thse cases it was because, or at least
>partially attributable to the fact that I was using a Leica and not some
>more common "amateur" brand.
>Mike Swiek