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Subject: [Leica] Waiting for Sharon Stone
From: "Steve LeHuray" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 10:00:19 -0500

Last night I was covering the Annual Women of Vision Awards Gala put on by
Women in Film & Video in Washington, DC. This years recipient is actress
Sharon Stone. The ballroom is crawling with Hollywood celebrities,
politicians, filmmakers, wannabes and other hanger ons.

So I am in the VIP Reception room at 6:30 along with many folks from
Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Variety, CNN, People Magazine, etc,
etc. While waiting for Sharon I am blasting away getting shots of various
well known and not well known people. 8 pm and Sharon has not made her
appearance yet. The organizers are getting anxious.....

....jump ahead to 1 am: So Sharon has just accepted her award and I captured
it all in living color with SLR and w/flash, I was right in the thick of it
so now comes the speech and all the photogs fade into the background. Sharon
is prattling on about how she grew up in Pennsylvania and had guns all her
life but after the mass murder at Colubine a couple years ago she turned all
her guns in, in the meantime I am the lone photog standing about ten feet in
front of the podium shooting rapid fire with an M and 50/1.4, no flash....I
can hear Sharon talking about how she learned to get ahead by "un-crossing
her legs,"....I am still absorbed in the moment of capturing her rare
beauty, her magnificant gestures with her long slender arms.....I can hear
the ballroom audience of about 900 laughing.....

......Then I realize Sharon is talking to me...."haven't you got enough
pictures already?"....Then she does an exatgerated pose, the crowd breaks
out in a roar of laughter...she is smiling at face is red....she
throws me a kiss....I slink away.

"Film at eleven."


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