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Subject: [Leica] Re: M6 .85 opinions (off list)/me: son of the ignorance/apologies
From: Pablo Kolodny <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 14:15:20 -0300

on 19/6/01 10:12 AM, Robert Schneider at wrote:

> On the LUG you wrote:
> on 18/6/01 10:34 PM, Emanuel Lowi at
> wrote:
>> Frankly, I find public questioning of someone's
> asking price (or asking
>> publicly why
>> someone is selling a camera or lens) less than good
> manners. And I ain't no
>> Emily
>> Post.
>> Emanuel
> Sure, you would prefer how is a fellow robbed by
> someone else in front of your nose!!
> Haceme reir!!
> Por Favor!!
> Regards
> Pablo
> ---------------------------
> Querido Pablo,
> Is there a reason why I should not take your remarks
> as a personal insult?  I happen to agree with Emanuel
> Lowi, so I was chagrined that you
> questioned/challenged my price, publicly, on the list,
> with no insight into the "realities" of the "Classic"
> M6 .85.  I chose to ignore your query, one, because I
> do not regularly monitor the LUG (I don't subscribe)
> and two, because I figured someone else would explain
> it to you and that would be the end of it.  But NO!
> Let me try again.  The camera I am selling is near
> mint, complete with all packaging except the warranty
> card.  Leica made fewer than 3,200 of this particular
> model of the M6 .85 before moving on to the far
> greater production of the M6TTL .85.  A dealer in the
> US with a camera in this condition would likely charge
> between $2,100 and $2,300 US. How many of these
> cameras have been advertised for sale on the LUG in
> the past month?  Two months?  Six months?  There are
> NONE for sale on eBay, and there are NONE showing in
> eBay's completed auctions.  Maybe they aren't "rare,"
> by a "Classic" M6 .85 is not common.  AND my price is
> negotiable; I said so.
> I am attempting to rob no one.
> Rob Schneider
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As added to the subject line I realized I'm one of the Big Sons of the

I owe you apologize.
And I said ignorance since that Leica model was on the Forgotten Land for
me. I did not know any about that camera. So I'd appreciate you to take this
message as apologies coming from an emotional guy trying to play the Batman
or Superman roll in the struggle for the Justice.

This mail will to you directly and a copy to the List.
I hope this will end this misunderstanding coming and originated from my

A new lesson was learned by me.

Kind regards