Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/06/09

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Subject: [Leica] Bird Photography (with apologies to Doug)
From: Gerry Walden <>
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 07:25:40 +0100

Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot at the bird sanctuary of the 
Wildlife and Wetlands Trust about 40 miles down the coast from us, so I 
decided to have a go. I had borrowed an APO tele-extender from my local 
store to try out with my 350mm f4.8 and my R8. I must point out that the 
birds are free to leave but never do, so they are sitting ducks (forgive me!)

I had realised that, even though it was clear blue skies, light may be a 
problem. I decided to try out some sample rolls of Provia 400F that I had 
to test, and Sensia 200 together with the end of the roll in the camera 
which was Agfa CT100.

I think I got some reasonable shots but was surprised how close I needed to 
get to the birds even with the 350mm lens, and although the extender was 
good for getting closer it knocked the light back so much as to make it 
virtually useless. The other think which I found incredibly difficult was 
keeping up with the seemingly slow-moving ducks. As soon as I had them in 
focus (and I think I am pretty quick) they were off out of the frame. I had 
the camera on a tripod which I had tightened enough to hold it steady but 
still movable. I must confess to missing my EOS1 with autofocus although I 
know the results will be razor sharp when they are in focus.

I had a great time, and so different from what I normally do. I ended up 
with the greatest respect for people like Doug, and a great wish to do more 
of this type of work but with the realisation that a tele-extender is 
probably not the best way to go. I think I will need a longer lens if I get 
carried away when I see the slides on their return from processing, or I 
may go back to my buildings with the 19mm if they are real bad!


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