Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/06/03

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Subject: [Leica] Re: The reason for taking photos & other minutae.
From: "Griffith, Lucian" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 15:46:52 +1000

***Malcolm McCullough wrote: 
>>>>>Plaubel 6x7 for his 'Paris Texas' book (called Written in the West)
>and that he has used a Leica M.

>>>>His clear vision moves me, and his films (with Robbie Muller as DP)
>some of what I regard as the most enthralling and beautiful images ever 
>included in a motion picture.

I'll second that - Wenders' work is beautiful, often thanks due partly to
Muller.  Robbie Muller was also DP on a couple of other stunningly beautiful
films by another favourite of mine, Jim Jarmusch, "Down By Law" and "Dead
Man" which anyone with an interest in cross-overs between film and
photography might be interested in.

BTW Wenders is another person who claims when he's making a film in colour
he can't photograph in anything other than colour and likewise for b&w.  

***Shel Belinkoff wrote:
>>>>and noticed
>that the meter didn't work until the shutter was wound on.

When I'd only had my M6TTL a couple of weeks I accidently depressed the
shutter without realising it and spent the next 3 hours worrying that
something was wrong with my metering.  It was only after deciding that the
world was all broken before I realised my mistake and wound the film on.
That was a real "doh!" moment. 

***Bill Grimwood wrote:
>shotguns have been recovered but the cameras are still missing.

Sorry to hear of your loss.  But I'm just curious - do you shoot and "shoot"
at the same time??  You wouldn't want to get your tools mixed up - sounds
like a very curious (potentially dangerous) mix!

***Ken Lee wrote:
>>>>I guess I need a reason to take the pictures, and thought maybe you
>could help me find one.

How about taking them for your own pleasure and/or satisfaction?  I've taken
photos for all sorts of reasons, commercial and otherwise, but the primary
reason I take photographs is because I enjoy it and it gives me
satisfaction.  I don't need to _do_ anything with it.  The pleasure of
creating it is often enough.  Do you really _need_ a purpose other than

***Austin Franklin wrote:
>>>>Yeah, but I'm talking about US, not Australia.  I don't know much about
>Australia, except that it's "down under".  Perhaps, the oppressive import
>duties etc. is the reason it is "down under" ;-)

I know a fair bit about the US - and one thing is that they don't seem to
know how lucky they are in relation to the cost of equipment.  As an
Australian I sometimes look longingly at the excessively (comparatively)
cheap prices of US Leica equipment.  IMHO I think you need to stop whinging.

Can anyone tell me the "correct" resistance that the focussing ring on a
lens should be?  I've noticed the focussing on my Tri-Elmar to be much
tighter / offer greater resistance than on, for example, the 50 Summilux
which is smooth smooth smooth.

Best Regards
Lucian G.