Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/06/03

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Subject: RE: [Leica] Re: Warranty & New vs. Used
From: "Austin Franklin" <>
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 14:01:30 -0400

> > I think this 'support' thing is a red herring.  It is an excuse
> to charge
> > more money for the same item, and claim something is different.
>  I doubt the
> > extra US warranty they give really costs them that much more.
> It seems to me on this subject that is always overlooked is that Leica USA
> has considerable overhead that has to be paid for; salaries, rent,
> advertising, Leica Days at dealers, health insurance, pay roll
> taxes, travel
> expenses, etc, etc.

New BMWs, fancy hotel rooms...  Sorry, I don't buy (no pun intended) it.

> > How many people have had warranty claims?  I've got 6 pieces of
> Leica gear,
> > some bought new (gray) and some bought used.  It gets used quite a bit.
> > I've not had one problem with any of these items.
> OK, you have not had any warranty claims, neither have I, but it
> seems just
> from reading this list many have.

And there are a LOT of people on this list, and also a lot of people on this
list actively use/abuse their cameras!  I would believe more people on this
list would have warranty claims than others.  That, of course, is
speculation on my part...but I think a reasonable speculation.

> > How come no other country gets "abused", price wise, like the
> US does for
> > camera goods?  I agree with what Frank said, I hate weaseling,
> and that is
> > what camera companies are doing here in the US, IMO.
> "abused" that is prepostorous, Austin, and only shows how ignorant you are
> about business.

What is ignorant, is your making such a comment.  You don't know my business
background at all, now do you?  I have started and/or ran a number of
businesses over the years, a number of which have been quite successful, and
I completely understand how to run a business.  Have you?  I also understand
that some companies, in this case, camera companies, gouge here in the US.
It's not like that's a real secret!

> I for one
> will not buy grey market for Leica, Nikon or any others. Part of the price
> of Leica ownership is hoping they make enough money to stay in business.

It certainly is your prerogative to give away your money!  The rest of that
statement is rubbish, and sycophantic.  Of course I want Leica to succeed
business wise, but there are other cameras out there if they don't.
Standard business principles dictate (and you criticize me on business
understanding!) that you must make a decent product for a fair price (unless
you have a monopoly of some kind, and can price gouge), and have a product
enough people want, or you will not succeed.

Where do you think the difference in costs between, say HK and the US goes?
Do the importers in those different countries pay the same DM for the exact
same item?  If they don't, then something is wrong with that...if they do,
then obviously, one importer is charging more for the item than the other.
I completely understand different economic conditions throughout the world
dictate expenses, as well as importing and operating costs (having imported
quite a bit my self).  I do not believe it justifies the differences charged
by US importers though.

That is MY opinion, and does not warrant personal attacks because YOU
believe something different!