Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/06/03

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Subject: [Leica] Hexar RF v M6 film to lens register.
From: "Frank Dernie" <>
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 13:36:16 +0100

Hi Dan,
I have posted my experiences of the Hexar with Leica lenses to the LUG a few
times since I bought it. I got mine very early on, before they were
available in the USA I believe. I have had no problem with it. I have used
it with the Noctilux wide open at concerts - but not near minimum focus, and
with the 28 because the viewfinder suits it well. It is , for me, an
exquisitely made backup to the M6 (which I prefer).
I am not the sort of guy who tests lenses or cameras. I just use them and am
either satisfied or not! I like the Hexar but don't consider the centre
weighted meter to be sufficiently sophisticated for confident AE. I use it
like the M6 though the extent of the meter's acceptance angle doesn't seem
so well defined.
cheers Frank

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> Dan Honemann asked
> Frank,
>> I have just measured the difference between the mounting flange
>> to pressure plate dimensions on my M6 and my Hexar. The Hexar is
>> 0.1mm futher.
> Interesting.  So what does this difference translate to in terms of actual
> use?  Have you taken test images with Leica lenses mounted on the Hexar at
> distances from min. to infinity shot wide open?
> I'd be very interested in hearing those results.  I've done so with mine,
> and all is well except at very min. distance, where the RF disengages on my
> Hexar.  Unfortunately, I have no way of measuring my mounting flange to
> pressure plate distance to see how mine compares with yours.  I'd love to
> hear how the .1mm discrepency affects your images, though.
> Dan