Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/05/31

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Subject: [Leica] THANK YOU ALLLLLL
From: "akkas" <>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 11:53:17 +0300

i would like to thank you all for your great creative comments about
my pics and i used to be a member of several different
photo base groups. i could'nt find what i was looking for, they were
all in a meaningless discutions of Nikon vs Canon or B&W vs Color.
but this group is awsome, made of high QUALITY photographers.
Some of you realise the low quality prints in my works.
there are several different reasons, but the most important one is
the way that i look at the printing stuff, i take most of the pleasure
of shooting photo at the time that i press my finger to shutter.
its like an orgasm you start taking photo but the plesure comes at
the end , this ending point for me is the pressing the finger, yeah
you might say printing is the ending point but if you remember my
photos very high percent of them does'nt contain any virtual goodness
they are all photos of moment that hides a story in them.
i know it is not a good reason for printing like that but if you all
agree that there is someting wrong in the prints, there must be...
i will try to be more sensitive in printing. 
ALSO thanx a lot for openning my eyes about that PHOTPOINT.
i never thought in that way ,i will prepare a web page as soon as
possible. By the way as some of you said about portfolio those pics
are the mix of my 5 different portfolios.