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Subject: [Leica] Two bodies two film types
From: "Rodgers, David" <>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 11:46:39 -0500

For years the primary reason I carried two bodies was to shoot two different
types of film; color and b/w. Frankly, I rarely used both. I'd either found
myself to be in a color or a b/w mindset. So one body usually went unused.
It became a lens holder, and little more. 

A while back I had occasion to shoot both bodies with the same film (new
D400 not that it matters). Using two bodies interchangably with the same
film has really opened my eyes. First, there's a real freedom in being able
to use either of two lenses without having to swap anything. And I don't
even mean vastly different lenses. I've primarily been using the 35/1.4 and
50/1.4, and less frequently a 28. I've come to appreciate that the 35 and 50
are very different focal lengths. I've owned and used both for years. But I
either used one or the other. Never both. Even if I had them with me, I
never felt it worth the effort to change. If the 35 was a little wide, I
just used it anyway. If the 50 was a little tight, again, I just used it

I've had reasons to shoot lots of film over the past several weeks. I've
carried two M6s -- same film, different lenses. I find myself switching from
one camera to the other quite often. It's really opened my eyes to the
difference between the 35 and 50. I always photograph with the goal of
printing full frame. I don't like to crop. Having two bodies that can be
used interchangably is almost like having an M zoom. Why not just use an R
with a 35-70 zoom? That's something I've considered. But one reason I like
the M option is maximum aperture. Not too many f1.4 zooms. Secondly, using
an R with a zoom for me is more cumbersome than carrying two M6s. I usually
know which body (lens) I want as soon as I see something. I very rarely
preview and then switch. 

It's taken me a long time to learn that two bodies with only one film type
is really handy; and in many ways much better than using two different types
of film. Still, can't help that I have the urge to get a third M6 for some
color film. Old habits die hard. 


PS I'm curious if anyone else carries two bodies with two different types of
film (not for ISO reasons, but b/w, color trans, or color reversal).
Conversely, do many people shoot two bodies with the same film? Personally,
I find it really difficult to switch between between color and b/w. Before I
get started shooting, yes. But after, no. 

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