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Subject: Re: [Leica] Portra 400 BW (Was: Film Demise)
From: henry <>
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 09:28:15 -0500

I think you are right. The whole reason for the existence is this film is 
so that wedding guys can offer a "black& white" service and still have 
all their film and prints run on a machine. The images will look like B&W 
to the bride and her mother. And look like faded crap in 25 years. At 
this level it makes perfect sense. But why would I want to pay double 
price for a roll of film if I don't work this way? I already have XP2 and 
its cheap and excellent quality.

Its more about Kodak getting your money than it is about anything else. 
Short circuiting craft and art. 

That said I'd like to hear your impressions of the film when you get a 


>Calumet has it for $7.00 @ roll in the 36/36exp-5 roll pack. Wonder what B&H
>wants for it.
>One good point on the stuff from the Pro Portrait Photographers stand point
>is that it is become
>damn hard to find anyone to do finishing in black and white-almost a dead
>art for retouchers
>and print finishers. I think this will be welcome by a lot of people if the
>stuff is any good. If it
>works like the other portra films it could be very good. Will test and post
>some of the results.
>Would be great for wedding PJ work and they say that it has a latitude from
>asa 50 to 1600.
>We shall see.
>Cheers Wilber Jeffcoat

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