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Subject: Re: [Leica] ODDS and ends
From: "Dante A. Stella" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 23:45:49 -0500
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Paul Chefurka wrote:

> I can't understand why the RF isn't selling - it must be the lousy
> engraving on the top plate.  As a camera design, I think it represents
> a humiliating defeat for Leica.  It's an M7 in all but name,  If
> Konica made another model with a .9x viewfinder, I just might list all
> my M6's some Friday.

That may not be as hard as you think.  From looking at the designs, the only
difference between a M6 and a M3 (I am NOT saying parts would be
interchangeable) is that the M6 has a reverse-Galilean viewfinder that shrinks
the size of the picture.  The M3 has none.  Flatten the front VF glass of a
Hexar RF and adjust the diopter of the rear, and you get... a 1.0x model (of
course, the real engineering feat would be getting the shutter speeds to show in
the VF).  I'd buy 0.9x, too.  And maybe even sell my M3.

I'm sure Konica has already made a batch of 25 0,9x models - just for fun.

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