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Subject: Re: Too much: was Re: [Leica] europe on 1 roll a day
From: Guy Bennett <>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 22:27:29 -0700
References: <>

>Of course you never use every frame, but then a writer doesn't use every
>word he writes while doing a story either.  Film is nothing more than tubes
>of paint and brushes an artist uses to create a complete painting..

Truer words were never spoken! (No pun intended.)

To the above, and to the thread of a few days ago (you remember: why shoot
so much film? why not just throw away your unprocessed roles?
etcetcblablaandsoon), let me add:

Why not shoot as much as possible, not indiscriminately mind you, but
editing mentally as you shoot, and then keep EVERYTHING that you've done,
no matter how long it takes you to get around to processing it* nor how
many frames you actually print. If you get *one* good print from a roll,
it's still one good print. Throw the film away and you've got nothing.


*Was just reading on some site yesterday that Winogrand - who shot like a
f****** maniac - purposely waited from 1-2 years before processing his
film, because he didn't want to let himself be influenced by memory when
evaluating what shots to print. He wanted some critical distance between
the print he might make and the feeling he had when he shot the image.

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