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Subject: Re: Too much: was Re: [Leica] europe on 1 roll a day
From: "Dante A. Stella" <>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 23:41:24 -0500
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Ted, me pop, you are right.

My indications were for holiday pictures without divorce, which is what I
thought  the original post was about.

For professional adventure, you are right to multiply the amount of film and

[Of course, if I ever did that, I wouldn't even bother with my toy 645 and go
right for my Fujica 690 (doubles as an exercise device at 6lbs with 100mm
lens!), my M3, and a whole host of (depreciable and tax deductible!) hardware.
But I wouldn't forget the Sherpas to carry the stuff!]


Ted Grant wrote:

> Dante A. Stella wrote:
> >>>>>> In the past year, I have completed two 21-day trips to Europe, having
> > photographed everything I saw as even conceivably photogenic and I shot
> far,
> > far less film.  On trips of this length, I usually take 8 rolls of Supra
> 400
> > (or in the past, PMC) and 24 rolls of TX120 (at 15 exposures each).
> That's
> > 360 + 288, or 648 frames.  This, in my experience, has provided ample
> > opportunity to:
> >
> > o    Shoot color duplicates of black and white shots taken in 120 as well
> as
> > different angles
> >
> > o    Do realistic and calculated bracketing with the medium format camera
> >
> > o    Take plenty of color pictures of my girlfriend in front of things.
> >
> > o    Take plenty of people "grab shots."<<<<<<<,
> Hi Dante,
> But your not working it as it sounds like you are "holiday shooting" and not
> producing stock images for a photo agency, doing a documentary or material
> for a book or magazine assignment.
> In the case of those of us who are working when we go overseas on shoots,
> film is the cheapest commodity of all the expenses and it's always been my
> one fear of running out of film no matter what country. So I'm usually, lets
> say on a 21 day shoot, carrying 210 rolls of film because the budget for any
> shoot anywhere I've ever gone on, even here in Canada or the USA, where film
> is readily available, is a minimum of 10 rolls a day on average.
> And putting that through usually 3 M type cameras and 3 R type cameras.Sure
> some days it's only a couple of rolls and the next can be 40 rolls! And yes
> 36 exposures all.
> >>>>> o    Work to take the picture that no one else has taken (or could
> take).
> > Don't make a photo that anyone can duplicate (or better) by buying a
> > Kodachrome postcard from a street vendor.<<<<<
> I believe the working folks always try just what you say, do it different
> and better.  But I buy the street vendor cards for locations and place
> references as research material, we save countless hours of roaming and
> looking.  Not that we don't do that also, as it never fails a new set of
> eyes see's the countryside or city in a completely different perspective.
> And even though we buy the postcards we never copy the same picture, but use
> it to give us an idea of the possibilities at the location. Another good
> idea for travelers is to take one of the bus tours of the location where you
> want to shoot and do this complete with a well detailed map and compass.
> Again this is a great time saver as you have a quick and unburdened trip
> without fear of driving or where to park. Besides you can't do honest
> research and drive the car at the same time, as you never see the details
> and or are dodging the local crazy drivers! ;-)
> ted
> Ted Grant Photography Limited

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