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Subject: Re: [Leica] Scotch and Leica What a combination! ;-)
From: "Dan Post" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 13:48:05 -0400
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Lo those many years ago, when before the onset of old age and asthhma, I
smoked a pipe, and particularly liked two widely different tobacco blends.
One was an Irish blend called Erinmore Flake that wrought images of The
Emerald Ilse- a blend that had a softness like the image made with a
Summarit wide open, with lovely bokah. I also like a mixture called Balkan
Sobranie- a rather robust mixture with a stout body, and a smoky aroma from
the yenyje tobacco. Yenegye was supposedly a Turkish style leaf cured over
camel dung fires, and all joking aside was a mild relaxing smoke.
When I chanced upon single malts, I did sample Lagavullin, and have ordered
it regularly since as it has that smoky sweet aroma reminiscent of my
favorite 'other sins' of which I can no longer partake!! It is like silk on
the tongue, a rhapsody of esters and alcohols that somehow make the entire
nervous system tingle! Sorta like sex, as I remember!  :o)
Dan ("...Cheroots 'n whisky, and wil', wil' wimmen, they'll drive you crazy,
they'll drive you insane!...") Post
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From: "Ted Grant" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2001 11:38 AM
Subject: Re: [Leica] Scotch and Leica What a combination! ;-)

> Douglas Cooper wrote:
> >>>> Lagavulin, of course, will not be appreciated by anybody but the most
> > serious devotees of the double-stroke M3 and the Canon 50/1.4 LTM.<<<
> Douglas me old son, ;-)
> Lagavullin it is lad, whether double stroke M3's or M6s' by the dozen.
> Now folks I just couldn't be left out of this topic. As many of you know
> a great believer of  Leicas and single malt scotches and have frequently
> been taken to task for starting a  "double L thread, Leica & Lagavullin"
> previous occasions! :-)
> However, my good fortune is I didn't start this one, therefore I can make
> minor contribution without being taken to task. ( I hope.) So once again I
> hold my glass of Lagavullin on high to all the Leica loving Lagavullin
> of the family! ;-)
> Leica's away for a good days picture taking! ;-)  Off you go! :-) :-)
> ted
> Ted Grant Photography Limited
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