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Subject: Re: [Leica] [leica] Question! Here comes anudder one!
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2001 12:02:58 -0400
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Dear Dan (Posing As An Idiot Which You Clearly Aren't)...

First....I am seriously ADD and manual impaired...I don't do How Tos and 
Manuals...I just load software and go...or unload the carton and put the 
damn piece of furniture together - then curse, take it apart, and redo 
it right.....And I've been using PhotoShop for just about two years 
now...It is a VERY steep learning curve, but you do indeed learn by is worth taking the plunge.... to Corel...I have the Corel Paint program - which is the 
PhotoShop clone - although I don't have the full suite...I used it 
exclusively for about six months before getting PS.....It is very close 
to photoshop in features. In some respects it was easier to use, 
although I haven't played with it in a while, so I can't tell you how it 
was easier...

The one thing I can tell you is that it is damn close to free....I 
didn't buy the program, I bought an upgrade that was well under $100 
because I had a theory that the upgrade from Corel was really the whole 
program....and it was!:-)......

So if you're not ready to make the photoshop cost plunge, go Corel...But 
don't go Corel thinking that it's a dumbed down's not...

B. D.
(Who Knows That Dan's Stupid Act Is Just That ;-) )

Dan Post wrote:

> I got to thinking about Photoshop- I have been using the LE version that
> came with my Digilux since the full version I tried absolutely boggled my
> mind. I thought that when I had atteined membership into Mensa, lo those
> many years ago, that I had proven that my intellect was at least capable of
> understanding many of the things I might encounter.
> Photoshop has turned into a humbling experience! YE GADS, AND LITTLE FISH
> HOOKS! I am getting ready to take a "Photoshop for the Profoundly Impaired"-
> perhaps I should get one of those little tags to hang on my rear view mirror
> so I can park in 'Handicapped Only' parking!
> I have been told that the COREL suite is much cheaper, and when I examined
> it, it seems similar to PS, but it includes a color matching program
> integral which does what some of these $400 dollar programs attempt to do-
> and seems to make color output fairly well matched to WYSIWYG... at least
> without the hardware type calibrators considered.
> Have any of the LUG out there been using the COREL suite? Anyone willing to
> admit it? Anyone who would consider recommending it over PS and perhaps why?
> I am seriously leaning toward the COREL software as it is several hundred
> dollars cheaper, and just as capable as Photoshop. Since I don't do this for
> a living, it is attractive for those reasons.
> Or, should I bite the bullet, and get the upgrade to Photoshop, The Whole
> Magilla, which I can get for about $3-400 if my reading of the upgrade
> agreement is correct.
> Dan (Perplexed with all this digital stuff!) Post

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