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Subject: [Leica] More playing Doug Herr...
From: "Ken Iisaka" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 22:16:57 -0800

A couple of weekends ago, I went on a stroll on the path that runs through a
marsh in Richardson Bay, between Mill Valley and Sausalito.  Armed with a
Leicaflex SL2 MOT (no motor, though) and a Telyt-R 1:6,8/400mm lens, I shot
a roll of more birds.  I uploaded some of them to my Yahoo photo album at:

Getting close to the birds is the biggest problem.  With the bright
afternoon sunlight with a slight amount of haze, the lighting was easier to
cope with, allowing me to use a shutter speed of 1/250" most of the time,
with ISO100/21 Fujichrome Provia F.

The good old mallard allowed me to get as close as 5m or so, allowing me to
fill the frame with his profile.  When I stood up, it and its female
companion flew away, proving that they were watching me very closely.  More
timid waterbirds such as American avocet and snowy egrets were quite
problematic.  I feel there is a lot more to be gained through improving my
behaviour than a longer (560? 800?) lens.

Learning still continues (and will for decades...)

- -----
Ken Iisaka <first name at last name dot org>
Still lost in Mill Valley, Marin County, CA.

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