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Subject: Re: [Leica] A Simple Rotary Processor Question
From: "Jon P. Manchester" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 10:23:59 -0500
References: <>


It is possible to process fiber in a JOBO. I have been using my CPA2 w/ Lift
and either a 1520/1530 combo drum for 8x10 and smaller, or a 2840 for 
11x14 and smaller. For the past few years I have printed on fiber 
exclusively and have not had any problems. As another LUG'er 
mentioned, the drums do need to be dried before putting paper in. Not 
a problem just a quick wipe down inside the drum with a paper towel 
is all that is necessary. The NOVA is nice; however, with the rotary 
processor you have the option of processing film (with temp control) 
as well. The only thing I don't like are the plastic reels for 
processing film. JOBO sells a kit to adapt  SS reels for use in thier 
processing drums.

- -Jon Manchester

>My "Darkspace" project is coming along swimmingly. I'm now the proud owner
>of Valoy, which I traded for a clunker of a 85/2 Jupiter-9 plus a 100
>dollars at a local pawn shop. A little elbow grease, some WD-40 and 10
>dollars worth of electrical parts was all that was needed to make the thing
>operational. No Focotar 50/4.5, but the baseboard is ok, and the neg carrier
>was included.
>My ultimate goal is to be able to process FB 11x14 prints in the smallest
>possible space. I originally wanted to be able to go as large as 16x20, but
>11x14 will be just fine.
>Now - a Simple Rotary Processor Question:
>Is it possible to process FB B+W paper in a JOBO or similar ? I searched the
>archives, but I didn't come up with any definitive answer. Intuitively,
>there shouldn't be any reason why you can't, other than the fact that FB
>paper is much more delicate than RC paper, so, perhaps it doesn't sit
>properly in the drum.
>Any thoughts ?
>I'm not above tinkering around to find what works, but if I'm chasing a red
>herring, I'd like to know before I go buy a used drum, motor, ect.
>William Gower
>Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
>photos at:
>no archive

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