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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: The Edge of Teeth and Erwin's prose
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 00:05:28 -0800
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Guy Bennett wrote:
> Douglas Cooper wrote:
> >I really don't find this comparison of the M3 and the M6 fruitless.  It
> >offers a strong indication of the decline at Solms, and is the best argument
> >for taking Erwin's site with a grain of salt.  Leica makes no money from
> >it's earlier products, so it is very much in their best interest to convince
> >Erwin (and through him, us) that the current products are an improvement.
> >And in the absence of Erwin's refutation, it is pretty clear that they are
> >not.
> Douglas,
> What about those of us that have used and compared old and new equipment,
> and have come to the conclusion that the new stuff is indeed better, at
> least with respect to our own photography? Are we not entitled to that
> opinion, independant of whatever Erwin may or may not have to say on the
> subject?
> The categorical assertion that old Leica equipment is "better" than their
> new offerings seems no different than claiming that the new stuff is
> indisputably better than the old, and isn't that what you're objecting to
> with Erwin?
> Guy

I almost always get Leicas latest stuff.
My first body was an M6 but my second was the M6TTL. It's what they had in the store.
I do like it a tad more. 
Now I'm waiting for the new 28 Summicron to arrive any minute.
All my lenses are the most recent optical formulas.
I guess I've a lover of mediocrity!!!!!

The Leica M6! For lovers of the mediocre!
You missed your chance to get a quality item folks.
Better scrounge around in the bins for the real good old stuff!

mark rabiner
got a Viso though!

Portland, Oregon

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