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Subject: Re: [Leica] M3 with 50 1.0 Noctilux
From: Dan Cardish <>
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 18:08:05 -0500
References: <001301c0af6a$09c9fb00$3c0f113f@computer>

Perhaps this is what you were referring to, but I find that the slightest
movement of MY head will render the subject out of focus.  I have this
habit of swaying slightly back and forth when I am focusing (I only notice
this when trying to get a head shot with my 75 at 1.4).  I now try and use
this to get the final focus.   I think that this might be a problem if I
had to focus and compose  with separate rangefinder and viewfinder windows.

SLR's are no better for this, in my experience.  I have a heck of a time
getting properly focused shots with my Nikon F2 and 85/1.4 wide open, for
the above reasons.

dan c.

At 11:42 PM 18-03-01 +0100, Nathan Wajsman wrote:
>Yes it can, but you can expect to have a high percentage of out of focus
>shots. That is just the nature of lenses like the Noctilux or the 75mm
>Summilux, where depth of field at maximum aperture at a distance
>suitable for a portrait is measured in mm. If you focus on a person's
>eyes, for example, the slightest movement of the head will render the
>image out of focus.

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