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Subject: Re: [Leica] The scarcest resource on earth?
From: Nathan Wajsman <>
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 23:30:15 +0100
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"B. D. Colen" wrote:

> There is an enormous difference between the "trade press" and what I
> would term the legitimate press - and one of the reasons the legitimate
> press is sometimes considered legitimate - or used to be so considered -
> is because the legitimate press long ago did away with the practice of
> accepting these kinds of freebies.

I think that the main difference between the trade press (e.g. Popular
Photography) and others is that the trade press is so totally dependent on
advertising from the major players in the industry that the advertising tail
completely wags the editorial dog. The only trade publication I trust is
Motorcycle Consumer News, because they, like Consumer Reports, accept no
advertising and live on subscriptions and book sales only.

> I know, however, the practices in
> Europe are quite different: In many major nations there reporters are
> allowed to accept meals, transportation to events, etc., from
> corporations. Pharmaceutical companies, for instance, pay to send
> European medical writers to major medical meetings. That does NOT happen
> in the U.S. with reporters for major publications.

I do not know about the situation at major European papers like the Times, Le
Monde etc. compared to their U.S. counterpart. I do know that American doctors and
medical journal editors accept enormous amounts of hospitality at "conferences"
organized by the drug companies and medical equipment manufacturers.

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Nathan Wajsman
Herrliberg (ZH), Switzerland


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