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Subject: [Leica] On the History of Voigtländer
From: Marc James Small <>
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 16:18:43 -0500
References: <>

At 08:29 PM 3/17/2001 GMT, Georg Bauer wrote:
>Hell, if anybody is to be 
>blamed, it's the old management of Voigtländer that let the company go 

Well, they didn't.  When the direct male Voigtländer line died out, a
family trust was established.  This trust sold the company to the Schering
drug company in 1925.  When Schering was going through some fiscal woes in
the early 1950's, they, in turn, sold the Voigtländer concern to the Zeiss
foundation.  In 1965, Zeiss merged Voigtländer into Zeiss Ikon.  When the
Zeiss foundation decided to halt camera production by Z-I-V, most of the
remnants of Voigtländer were sold to Rolleiflex Fototechnic.  And, when
Rollei went bankrupt in 1980, the Voigtländer assets were retained by
Rollei save for the name.

And that is the name which is currently licensed to Cosina (and to others).

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