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Subject: Re: [Leica] Week 11 (Julian)
From: "Julian Thomas" <>
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 02:16:10 +0100
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Hi Michael,
The paw is tricky! I'm trying to stick to the rules of exposing and
developing int he weeek I produce. There is no cropping in the is weeks PAW.
I shot with a 28mm @ f*/500th. I'm still seeking a way of photographing what
I am seeing. here is a copy of something I commented to LEG:
"There was a theory that the most powerful force in a society had access to
the loudest 'noise'. In the middle ages that was the church bell. These days
I don't know how you evaluate it. But there is a huge anount of money spent
on these bigger and bigger advertising signs, that are being by and large
ignored. So they get bigger and bigger. The gaze or the eyes in these things
is really dramatic as well. So I'm playing around with these things, but I'm
not there yet. I'm not getting enough layers in the photos, they are very
straight superimpositions of maybe a person or object and the signs _ i'm
trying or working towards something more. We'll see. Rob Schneider posted a
photo to (I think) the SP list taken of a group around a bus shelter and he
had these really interesting dynamics moving between the people and the
signs and the rest of their surroundings. Maybe I'll get there."

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From: "Michael E. Bérubé" <>
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Subject: Re: [Leica] Week 11 (Julian)

> At 07:13 PM 3/16/01 +0100, Julian Thomas wrote:
> >Week 11 up at
> >Comments critiques always welcome!
> Julian,
> I don't want to be too critical on this because likely my critique just
> reflects my own more narrow viewpoint. You've shot some stuff for PAW so
> far that I really like, but I just don't 'get' this weeks image. (Maybe I
> don't even get the whole idea of "street photography.") Is it like unto
> Jazz quote that someone used earlier today? ("If you have to ask, you
> get it."...or something like that.)
> In this weeks image, verything is well exposed and all and the sign and
> building is interesting I guess, but the composition has me completely off
> balance. I guess because the live subjects are so cropped out of the
> picture. (Maybe I need to break from the 'classic' composition 'rules'
> I was taught in photoschool in order to like street photography.)
> Is it just not my thing?
> Thanks for making me think at least. :)
> Carpe Luminem,
> Michael

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