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Subject: Re: [Leica] My IIIc
From: "Stanislaw B.A. Stawowy" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 11:56:58 +0100
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> >It does sat DRP, not DBP.  Maybe it is a Nazi inscription.
> Could it be Nazi relevant at all? 

DRP means Deutsch Reich Patent - German Reich Patent.
You may also spot DBP - Deutsch Bundes Patent....
Nazi relevant? In which way???

> What I have found in shooting my short test roll is that the fast shutter 
> speeds (1/40+) are accurate enough to produce passable photographs, and the 
> focus is dead on with the Jupiter 3,

This is a good test. Jupiter 3 at f/2 - f/1.5 has a very narrow DOF...
And _this_ one is surely adjusted well for proper indexing with
Leica rangefinder, I assure you.. :)

>  but three frames (of 20 test shots) in 
> mid roll WERE in fact fogged (outside of the frame.) I'm assuming this must 
> be from the little hole in the base plate. This will get a piece of black 
> tape (on the inside) until I can find a IIIc replacement baseplate. 

I don't have one IIIc handy here, but please check if any of screws
at bottom plate is missing AND if tripod mount can be a source of 
light leaks. You may temporarily use one of screws from top plate; 
should fit, also missing top cover screw wouldn't impact quality.
Light leaks in tripod socket may be repaired with e.g. black car 
filling compound (black silicone)...

> fits my meagre working budget. It is also a kick shooting with a 51 yo 
> camera, a 37 yo lens and a 44 yo light meter. People look at you oddly. 
> (Especially oddly when I also pull out the Digilux and take an secondary 
> shot with that.)

Uhm... Imagine how they look at me, with Leica IIIc (also 48......) with
Summitar (just post-war) on it, shooting crowd... :) 
And then I grab my 96 yrs old Rodenstock 6x9 folder and make them some photos
at f/9.2, 1/150... :)))
..and meter them with Lunasix 3.... :) with Somy discman + Gould/Schonberg
in ears.. :))))

> All in all I'm VERY happy with being able to retain some claim to Leica 
> snobbery

Check .. they (they?:) use Standards + Elmars... :)

No, you don't need to cut film leader to load SM Leica. Just attach film
to taking spool, wind one turn, put both casette and spool into their 
chambers as far as they can go, then open shutter (set at T or B) and
push film farther via lens mount until perforation disappears. Close
cover, close shutter, fire three times and Voila! You jush have loaded
SM Leica! :-)
Takes some 2-3 minutes. Even 40s if you are in a hurry...

best wishes from my IIIc to your IIIc!
- -----                                
                     (Stanislaw B.A. Stawowy)
            Echelon/Carnivore lines: Bob Black, Hakim Bey, 
           Ralph Klein, Sabotage in the American Workplace

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