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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: lens hoods
From: "Julian Thomas" <>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 17:57:49 +0100
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My problem with the 50 summilux is it normally goes over my shoulder, with
the lens pointing into my body. Trouble is the hood keeps sliding down. If
it only had a twist 'n lock it would be fine. The hood on the 35 summilux
asph is great, but stick th ebody/lens in your pocket and the cap comes off.
I'd have thought that oneof the design requirements of a cap is that it
stays on!

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From: "Jim Brick" <>
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Sent: Friday, February 16, 2001 5:15 PM
Subject: [Leica] Re: lens hoods

> At 04:05 PM 2/16/01 +0100, Julian Thomas wrote:
> >
> >I realise how far I've come taking all things leica for granted (bashing
> >things, swinging them off my shoulder etc) when I saw a guy at a  demo
> >a brand new M6 and coupla lenses. The guy wanted to get close with his
> >28 but couldn't help cuddling it at the same time. The only time I worry
> >is when the damn lens hood on the 50 summilux collapses everytime someone
> >hits it. Why can't leica design decent lens hood/caps. Anyone else hate
> >35 summilux asph lens cap?
> >
> >Julian
> Actually no.
> I really really like the 35/1.4 ASPH lens hood and rubber cap. I've had
> on my black M6 since the beginning of that model, carried it over my
> shoulder, around my neck, for thousands of rolls, over half the world,
> without a trace of a complaint.
> On the other shoulder is my chrome M6 with the latest model 50/1.4 and I
> have absolutely no problem with the built-in shade. I hear folks
> occasionally complain about these things and personally, cannot fathom
> the problem is.
> I have a LOT of Leica lenses with built-in hoods and I love them all. And
> especially like the 35/1.4 ASPH and 24/2.8 ASPH hoods as you have a hood
> always on and an easily removable and pocketable cap for when
> What do you folks keep hitting your lens on? My cameras and lenses don't
> "hit" anything. Maybe my arm. I certainly don't hit someone else with it.
> If one is in a situation where other people and things are hitting one's
> camera and lens, the least one should do is put the lens cap on. The
> thing is to get the hell out of that situation. Not be there in the first
> place is the best answer.
> JB

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