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Subject: Re: [Leica] 35mm Lens for a 3f
From: Kip Babington <>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 22:59:10 -0600
References: <000001c09465$31020e80$496001d5@pavilion>

Fred -

Some have recommended the Jupiter 12, and I agree it's an awfully nice lens
for the price.  It's a 2.8 lens.  It has a deeply recessed front element
that makes a lens hood unnecessary.  The whole outer barrel of the lens is
the focus ring, which is very convenient.  OTOH, the aperture setting ring
is somewhat inconvenient if you want to change apertures in a hurry, and it
doesn't have click stops (at least mine doesn't.)  If you like to use
filters, they go at the very front of the lens for all the light in the
world to hit, and I'm not sure what kind of shade would be available to cut
down flare.  The biggest downside to the Jupiter (for me) is the enormous
unprotected rear element.  It is truly a glorious thing to behold, but if
you do much lens changing you must be very careful how you handle this lens,
and always be sure you have the deep rear lens cap available when you take
the lens off.  But if you're just going to put the lens on the camera and
leave it there, this isn't an issue.

When I go out with a 3 or 4 lens outfit, my 35 of choice is the 3.5
Summaron, which others have recommended.  I was lucky enough to find one of
the later models with the more "modern" styling and E39 filter threads.  It
has clicks stops on the aperture ring.  It's a good bit heavier than the
Jupiter (whose metal pieces I suspect are all aluminum instead of the
Summaron's chromed brass,) more expensive, and is no smaller, although its
shape makes it look a bit smaller if you don't use a lens hood.  I'm just
more comfortable handling it in the field than I am with the Jupiter.  It
doesn't take any better pictures than the older style Summaron, but I think
it looks nice on the III and is right at home on the M6 (with adapter) when
I don't need to take the Summilux.

Either way, I don't think you'll be unhappy.

Fred Dickinson wrote:

> I would like to buy a 35mm lens for my Leica 3f. Is there any particular
> Leica LTM lens that shines out above the rest.
> Does anyone know where I can get ROR lens cleaning fluid in the UK.
> Fred Dickinson

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