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Subject: Re: [Leica] First contact
From: "kididdoc" <>
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 10:09:19 -0700
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Brilliant and...right on the money....
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From: "imx" <>
To: "LUG" <>
Sent: Sunday, February 11, 2001 5:25 AM
Subject: [Leica] First contact

> ³Captain Picard! Long range sensors pick up signs of an unknown lifeform.²
> ³Bring us into orbit, Mr LaForge²
> ³Data, can you identify this lifeform?²
> ³It is a Borg-like collective, Sir. They are in constant mental contact
> each other and they share all their thoughts and emotions. They call
> themselves Luggers.²
> ³Luddites, you mean, Mr Data?²
>  ³Incorrect, Sir, They are Luggers!²
> ³What are they doing? Can they de dangerous?²
> ³I am not sure, but they seem to babble, Sir!²
> ³Babble Mr. Data?²
> ³Yes Sir, they are communicating through a primitive technology about a
> large number of unrelated topics, that seem to repeat every 8 months, 3
> days, 6 hours and 13 seconds. They are a very closed society and do not
> assimilate knowledge from other cultures. In fact they refuse to accept
> knowledge and seem to internally generate their own concepts which they
> presumably value highly.²
> ³You mean Mr Data that we are dealing with a non-learning culture?²
> ³Effectively, yes Sir. The repetitious nature of their conversation does
> indicate an unwillingness to expand their knowledge and experience.²
> ³Can you identify a leader with whom we may discuss their situation. They
> may be in danger when they encounter the Borg.²
> ³No Sir, the Borg will only assimilate a culture when they can add to
> own knowledge. This culture does not offer the Borg anything they might
> need. There is no leader, either, Sir. Some individuals are more
> and express themselves more often, but they seem  not to be valued any
> higher than the others.²
> ³In fact a very democratic or even anarchical type of society. Can they
> evolve?²
> ³ Hardly Sir, they lack the necessary tools and infrastructure to become a
> mature society. Nothing indicates they would prefer that.²
> ³Data, can you identify a pattern in their doings?²
> ³Difficult to say, Sir. On the one hand they talk at length about weapon
> systems, idicating a violent nature, but on the other hand they indulge
> themselves in obsolete topics, that have lost meaning in our age.²
> ³Example, Mr Data?²
> ³At this very moment they communicate about a topic called ³DOF², that is
> part of applied geometrical optics, which has no meaning to us anymore, as
> we use fotons as the base for our imaging systems, and  we are in particle
> and electron optics. There is no consensus however, as they lack a common
> base of scientific knowledge and the structure of their debate is
> reminiscent of a fairy tale: full of surprising twists, but without any
> regard for facts. Based on my predictions, they will close the topic soon
> and start it again in 11 months, 12 days, 9 hours and 15 seconds with an
> error margin of 0.03 percent.²
> ³Well Mr Data, will they survive?²
> ³Positive, Sir, They have effective cloaking devices and shielded
> from outside sources by some peculiar human habits².
> ³Yes Mr Data, I am familiar with these. So let us leave this sector.  Mr
> LaForge, warp 6.²
> ³Red alert, red alert, the Luggers have infected our computer systems! We
> cannot leave. Abandon ship!²
> Erwin

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