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Subject: Re: [Leica] Not Happy with My Results
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 14:27:30 EST

Dans un courrier daté du 01/02/01 18:42:36 Paris, Madrid, a écrit :

<< I'm not happy with the overall results that I have been getting from my
 prints and/or slides taken with my M.
 I shoot color negatives using Reala and am not happy with the results I get
 back from the local lab - these folks have been recommended and are for sure
 better than the supermarket type processors.  My colors are not what I
 expect even two prints from negs taken just seconds apart are printed with a
 different cast - usually too cool.
 My slides aren't satisfying to me either - I spent the bucks and got a Leica
 P300 expecting to get some great results and I'm happy with the colors but
 my slides are never flat and the focus is off - I adjust for one area and
 the other goes out of sharp focus.  I even ordered the Colorplan P2 CF
 (curved field) Leica projector lens, which I'm now using, and it does the
 same thing as the Super-Colorplan I ordered first.  I see that Leica now
 does not have a CF designated projector lens any more.  I found a guy who
 bragged about his $30 K mounting machine that gave the best most rigid
 mounts for the slides and I still see the same effect.  I just don't
 remember having such disappointing results, back when, with my Nikon shot
 slides and Kodak carrousel.
 The Leica reps came and did an evening get together for L users in my area
 and they showed examples of slides with "new" lenses and such, and slides
 people brought in, and folks were saying how fabulous their slides looked
 with the L equipment.
 Maybe I'm expecting MORE now because I'm looking that much harder - I don't
 know.  I'm frustrated!
 Any advice - other than a couple of single malts - not that that's bad
 gold  Bo(
First , I wouldn't trust the quality of the prints made at your local lab .
The slides will tell you the difference . Concerning the slides , I've also 
got the same 
problem . I bought the CF lens first , then ended with the standard .
But finally I must say that it's hard to get everything focused correctly .
I haven't found a perfect solution to that . I've tried the leica sample 
slide , made to 
adjust your projector , and this one looks OK.
Well the only remedy is to mount the slides between 2 glass parts but I think 
this is 
detrimental to their longevity !
I've also thought about having my screen permanently set up with a certain 
into it .
By the way , if your slides are OK that's a good point and I'm sure the M6 is 
not the culprit.

Jo Goodtimes , France .      
airborne radar tech
live free or die