Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/01/29

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Tips on using 24mm M lens
From: Henry Ambrose <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 13:40:30 -0600

Henry Krzciuk  wrote in part:

>I am interested in the types of situations that people
>use the 24mm vs say the 35mm.  And I would like to
>understand what they expect to be different besides
>just the greater area covered.
>Again, I am interested in hearing what most people
>have found to be the sweet situations for using this

I use the 35 most often, the 24 is my second most used lens.

The big thing is the change of perspective. Maybe dominating foreground 
showing lots of  background. More  "in your face" if you choose. 
(Sometimes if you don't)

Or another example would be a picture with a person in the foreground and 
LOTS of the surroundings showing behind them.

The "in your face"  (or not) part comes depending on how you manage the 
(not a bit in your face, also shows vignetting when you stack filters)
(a little in your face)

And I like it for like 2 people at a table working together. Gives a 
little more room for them to be in and can get graphic and angular 
without being too "whompy".

looks pretty normal and at the same time more graphic than a say a 50mm 

Although the reality was that she was lots bigger then the little guy, 
the big girl gets bigger!


Notice the foreground of the table - it shows a little wide angle 
"whomp". Otherwise not because the kids are far enough away from the 
camera and the whole thing is pretty level. Tilting the camera up or down 
can really make "whomp" rear its head.

If you are photographing a person ( especially tightly framed) put the 
center of the lens on their mouth or chin and they will look pretty 

Whew! maybe more than you wanted to know.

Henry Ambrose

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