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Subject: RE: [Leica] Italy: Camera/lens advice
From: "Steve Unsworth" <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 22:37:26 -0000


I live in the UK and had ten days in northern Italy last September. I'll get
the camera bit over first. Take the Leica/meter with 35mm, 50mm and 90mm
lenses. If you can afford it consider splashing out on a Voigtlander 25mm.

When I went my M2 was in for repair - I've added an M6 since - so I took my
Pentax MZ-10 + 28-200 zoom - looking at the pictures I took and comparing
them with the ones I took with the Leicas in Paris in October, the Leica
wins hands down in terms of image quality (no suprise there :-).

If you feel comfortable with it I would recommend taking slide film - as you
might expect, film is easily obtainable in Italy so don't worry if you feel
you haven't taken enough.

I stayed in Bologna and the rail service is both cheap and excellent (yes
the train do still run on time). As well as Bologna I got to Venice,
Florence, Padua, Ravenna and Rome. I never felt intimidated at all, as a non
Italian speaker the only problem I had was in making myself understood from
time to time, so enjoy your stay.

If you've any questions that I might be able to answer just ask, either
privately or on the list.

Have a wonderful time - I imagine spring would be an ideal time to go, warm
and with great light.

And one final tip, drinks can be expensive, so if you want a coke (or a piss
for that matter), go to the nearest McDonalds - but promise you won't get
anything to eat :-)

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Subject: [Leica] Italy: Camera/lens advice

My wife and I plan to vacation in Italy this spring.  We'll visit Rome,
Sienna, Florence, and Venice, with side trips to Pompeii and the
countryside around Sienna.   I'm already thinking about what camera and
lenses to take...