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Subject: Re: [Leica] RE: Cosina still at it
From: "William Larsen" <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 19:30:37 -0800
References: <>

Jim Brick writes:

> I have to ask this. Since we are all Leica aficionados, and love the look
> and feel of real Leica equipment and the unquestioned superior results,
> like arguing if M's and R's made in Canada and/or Portugal are usable, why
> in hell would someone want to by a brand-x version of something that Leica
> has already done so masterfully. Read Erwin's report on the Tri-Elmar.
> Stunning performance. Cannot possibly be equaled by any brand-x. Likewise
> the 25mm whatever vs the 24/ASPH. Or the 75mm whatever vs the 75/1.4
> Should you buy that Yugo Formula One car, or save up for the McLaren?
> This is just my personal view of the hullabaloo surrounding Leica groupies
> foaming at the mouth over Japanese Leica knock-offs.

I always get confused over the purpose of the LUG.  My understanding was,
and continues to be, that it is a list that was designed to discuss
rangefinder cameras of which the Leica was the pre-eminent and only
currently viable rangefinder 35mm camera.  Else, obviously the list would
have been named "Leica Lovers Users Group" (LLUG).  Nothing about the Cosina
produced camera and lenses is a Leica knock-off in my opinion. (Other than
the threading of the screw-mount lenses).

Insofar as the whole thread is concerned, people are sort of forgetting that
many of the early M-mount lenses were produced by Leica were screw mount
lenses with the 1mm adapter glued on.  There was a reason that Leica made
the M cameras with a lesser registration than the screw mount Leica.

Rather than have Cosina produce M-mount lenses, I would much rather see them
produce M-mount Bessa Rs.  In many ways, I find the Bessa R superior to the
M6 (particularly the rangefinder).  I have been using the Bessa R for about
a year now and my M6 basically is only used with the 75/1.4.

Alas, this is only my opinion.  But I would love to use favored Leica glass
on a body that, while it feels cheap and flimsy, gets the job done just as
well as the M6 or M3.

Regards, Bill Larsen

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