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Subject: Re: [Leica] [LEICA] Tolerance towards us neophytes, please
From: "Wilber Jeffcoat" <>
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 11:33:22 -0500
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Ted, I've not been following this thread but what I just read sounds like a
good lesson on life in general. You should have this framed and put on the
wall. Most wonderful advice. Thank You.
cheers Wilber
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From: "Ted" <>
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Sent: Friday, January 05, 2001 7:05 PM
Subject: Re: [Leica] [LEICA] Tolerance towards us neophytes, please

> Hi Guys & Gals,
> The oft asked questions do at times seem like a pain in the butt, however,
> before anyone jumps on a newbie or oldie for asking a question that the
> may well be in the archives, there are some folks who "don't know about
> archives nor know how to get to it."   Newbies the benefit of the doubt,
and I
> bet some oldies can't crack into the archives without going to look it up.
> Be that as it may, it still doesn't give anyone the right to treat another
> disdain simply because they asked a question that some of us have heard
> times, nay several thousand times, if you've been playing photographer for
> years. It would seem reasonable the person asking the question doesn't
want to
> appear stupid in asking and they're not stupid, just trying to learn. But
> sometimes the gruff, "dummy connotation" makes them feel that way.  Not
> necessary at all, as if we think about it for even a small moment and ask
> ourselves, "did I not ask that question at onetime? And how was I treated
> getting the answer?"
> Made to look like some dumb ass or did someone give me a thoughtful answer
> send me on my way wiser and feeling good about photography because I
> one more little item at being a photographer.
> I know what it's like to be treated lower than a dumb ass by another
> photographer for asking a simple question, a pro at that!  Yes, if I'd
> more about exposure metering and camera setting I probably wouldn't have
had to
> ask the question. But that was not the case and I asked, what for me was a
> difficult moment, ask a professional photographer a question as I held
them in
> awe. Unfortunately his response?
> Is unprintable, but what I do remember quite vividly is, he was an
> And at that moment I swore an oath to myself that if I ever moved up the
> of photography, I'd never deny anyone a hand up along the way to be a
> photographer. Dang, it just comes down to "treat other folks like you'd
like to
> be treated yourself!"  Is that so difficult ?   It's KISS simple!
> So anyone, everyone, new or old ask the questions as there isn't any
> you can ask that can't be answered within this crew. And yep being the
> beings we are, once in awhile we "might seem grumpy" in our answer, but
> take no offense and maybe, just maybe bear with us as we may have had a
> day.
> OK now ask your questions! ;-)
> ted Grant

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