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Subject: Re: [Leica] Ilfochrome newbie #1
From: Vick Ko <>
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2001 19:56:21 -0500
References: <>

End of Day 1:

8 sheets used = 1 print, plus
                       3 test prints, 2 exposed on back side, 2 "put in
at wrong
                       orientation, and didn't even develop so as to not

Things learned:

1)  first time using colour head.  Discovered setting for "focus" and
     "expose".  "Expose" puts the filters into the light path.
      First print made in "focus" setting - no filters.
      Have to do another print to get exposure aperture.

2)  paper suggested 55 Y, 5 M.  This means C=0, not 255.
     New head was shipped with all filters at max.
     Have to do another print to correct for cyan and get
     exposure aperture. C-255 sure looks cyan!

3)  take print out of easel - and WHAT'S THIS - IT'S CURLED UP.
     Second guess that I must have exposed the back side again.
     Flip paper over, re-expose, and develop, only to find that I've
     developed the back side.

     Learning - the "curl" of Ilfochrome REVERSES after exposure to
     Neat, eh?  Who would have thought?

4)  check everything - filters correct, filters IN light path, focused,
     paper up, and do test print.  f5.6 at 10 seconds is best quadrant.

     Find dust particle on negative, scratch paper emulsion while
     Vow never to squeegee again (until next time).

     By the way - if you do darkroom work - what is the secret to
     squeeging and NOT scratching the emulsion side?
     I don't even want to squeegee the back side, because I don't like
     putting glossy paper face down.

5)  do full size print.

     Not bad.  Mostly monochrome - the bridge in Wetzlar was shot
     in the morning mist.

     Wife comes home and looks at test prints, and compares to final
     print.  Says final print is right way around; all the test prints
     reversed.  Must have reversed slide when cleaning off the dust
     in #4.

Would I have had this much fun with a scanner/photo-inkjet?
Not in a hundred years.!!!


Jem Kime wrote:

> Vick,
> This reminds me of a tale from college days.
> When video tape was still available on spools, 1/2" b/w Sony in 1975-8, a
> new batch arrived and the technician noticed that it was all inside out!
> The back shiny side was where the matt front side should have been, so he
> re-spooled every single spool only to have us find out none of the
> recordings were working!
> Sony had reconfigured their tape design without issuing any warning on the
> packets so our diligent technician then had to re-re-spool every tape once
> again!
> better luck next time.
> Jem
> At least it was paper in the darkroom and not sheetfilm on
> location............ argghhhh
> -----Original Message-----
> From:   Vick Ko []
> Exposed and developed the back side of my very first print.   :-o
> Ilfochrome curls the opposite direction as BW FB paper
> in the dark!
> ...have lunch and try again.
> Vick

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