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Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica Photography (US version)
From: Dennis Painter <>
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2001 06:41:21 -0800
References: <>

Jem Kime wrote:
> Dennis,
> Thanks for this.
> To clarify, I'm writing about the German magazine, 'Leica Fotografie' which
> is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. As an aside note, I
> thought it would be worth mentioning the other ('sister') magazine with a
> similar name, i.e. 'Leica Photography' which as you know was made in the
> USA.
> So from your dating of Vol VL (I'd presume that's actually 'VI', (Vol 6)
> rather than 'VL' (which would be Vol 45) I'd assume that it started in
> 1932. But from what I know of post war publications, there were only 4 a
> year so the 'No. V' and 'No. IX' references are slightly confusing.
> It looks like there would have been 12 issues a year prior to WWII, would
> you agree?
> regards,


Sorry about that 'L', I agree it was volume six. There was a note about
the publication starting in 1932. As to the number of issues each year I
would think 12, but that might not always have been the case. Post war
it looks like 4 issues per year. Certainly late in the life of the
publication it was not the case, they did not always get the 4 issues
out each year. At one time it was free to those purchasing Leica cameras
in the US. I believe at some time they dropped the free issues but it
was available at nominal cost. Then it sort of faded out of existence.

I hope my references to the E. Leitz New York publication was of some


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