Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2001/01/03

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Subject: RE: [Leica] an appeal to photographer (was re: tina's print pricing)
Date: 3 Jan 2001 16:34:11 -0800

On Wed, 03 January 2001, Dan Cardish wrote:
> On a regular basis, I get pricing requests from people who are have visited
> my web site.  The prices that I have quoted in the past were $75 for an
> 8x10, or $200 for an 11x14 for fibre based, archivally processed, tonded,
> signed, etc.     I rarely here from them again.   I *assume* that they
> initally emailed me because they liked something on my site, yet they loose
> interest when I quote them what seem to me to be a small price.   So what
> is going on?   Are they expecting something for free?   Or do you really
> think that if I asked $500 for an 8x10, that I'd get a better order rate?

It's because of the medium.  Viewing your images on the 'net is a private affair, and there is no testestrone associated with it.  In a public setting like a gallery, putting an outrageous price discreetly (but not inconspicous) will trigger certain hormones, driving certain vulnerable individuals to drop the money on the "art", for the sake of trying to impress someone who don't care.

It's easy to sell at $10,000 pick-up truck with a backseat for $35,000, because it's conspicuous.  You get the highest price from public auctions and exhibitions.

Ah, that reminds me...  One definition of marketting is "the art of convincing someone to spend the money they don't have, on something they don't want, for the purpose of impressing someone who don't care."  If you look at the vehicles on streets, it seems to work.