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Subject: Re: [Leica] an appeal to photographer (was re: tina's print pricing)
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2001 16:18:52 -0800
References: <>

Kyle Cassidy wrote:
> there's a great editorial in camera arts this quarter about print pricing,
> something that i feel strongly about as an art buyer and art producer.
> prints, photographic prints, _should_ be priced inexpensively. as the t.v.
> commercial says, "crunch all you want, we'll make more" -- it's rediculous
> to pay $1,200 for an 11x14 print, even if it is by sally mann. especially
> now with the advent of digital printing where prints can be reliably
> reproduced in quantity without the aid of an expensive darkroom
> technician. i'd much rather have one of my prints in someone's house.
> pricing high is simply creating false rarity. print pricing should be
> based on the difficulty in making the print, and recouping some of your
> photographic investment.
> join me in the fight against limited editions. well, me and HCB.
> kc
An artist can crank out watercolors one a minute and if they're famous enough
will charge a thousand bucks a piece.
Ralph Gibson was cranking out darkroom prints with 4 seconds exposure times wide
upon on his tile darkroom sink for thousands. Now it's inkjets.
Print pricing is not a scarcity thing but a capitalism thing.
They'll charge with the market will bear.
The horrible flip side is the dry mounting of negs to the back of prints or the
otherwise destroying of negs.
The horror!
If a this graphics process indicates that a neg can make a billion prints
without fading than lets make up editions of a billion! It's all of coarse a
bunch of BS. People are buying signatures with art attached to them.
Want cheap art?
invest in the up and coming.....
The wall street journal says it's the best investment out there.
Someone WITHOUT a name
A nice green for above your sofa…
if the artist stays alive your investment will easily triple…
plus you get something green that you like for above your sofa!!
And for not that much more than framed wallpaper!
(I'll take grey above my sofa any day) if i had a sofa.

mark :) rabiner

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