Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/11/23

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: What's wrong at Leitz NJ
From: John Collier <>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 14:07:02 -0700

But which part B.D.? The shutter link rod or the release link? If you do not
know the parts, you could easily quote on the wrong piece. Would Javier be
happy to discover that he needed a $200 part when he was quoted $50? I am
sure Leica does not allow non-parts people to "help" for just this reason.

If I had a dollar for every wrong part I have received after carefully
explaining exactly what I need.... Good parts people are rare and deserve
good treatment.

Happy Thanksgiving!

John Collier

> From: "B. D. Colen" <>
> Such wonderful, useful, sarcasm.
> I'd suggest that Javier was dead on right - IF Leica NJ is going to be open to
> the extent of answering the phone, they should be open to the extent of having
> someone answering that phone who can call up a part on a computer screen. IF
> they are going to really be closed for the holidays, which is hardly
> surprising, bad business, or anything of the sort, then they should have a
> recording saying that they're closed for the holidays.
> And given that virtually any clerk in any auto dealership parts department, or
> auto parts store - both of which stock far more parts than Leica NJ, I'd be
> willing to bet - can check a computer screen - or microfiche - while a
> customer
> waits to see what's in stock, it's hardly too much to expect that Leica do the
> same.
> We all love Leicas, or we wouldn't be on this list, but that doesn't mean we
> have to unconditionally love the corporation and support it in its often inane
> handling of customers and marketing issues.
> Jim Brick wrote:
>> Javier,
>> I have several close friends that work at Leica NJ in both parts and
>> service. I'll make sure that before they go on holiday in the future, they
>> give you a ring to see if their holiday plans fit with your schedule.
>> Give me your phone number and I will pass it to them along with your Email.
>> I'm sure they will feel disgraced and humiliated beyond belief. I mean, the
>> audacity of them. Going on holiday just when you "might" want to buy a
>> "wrecked" camera. Geeez!
>> Maybe Mr. Horn should be alerted to this dastardly deed.
>> At 06:55 AM 11/21/00 -0500, Javier Perez wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> Maybe you guys are right. Those privateers may be more
>>> trustworthy with Ms and Flexes than Leitz. I called up monday morning
>>> for some parts. What I got was a recording from the parts department
>>> saying there would be no one there until the 27th. Meanwhile I'm trying
>>> to decide
>>> if a wrecked camera is worth buying but I can't close the deal because I
>>> don't
>>> know how much the parts will cost. Leitz parts prices are very
>>> unpredictable so you have to
>>> ask less you like surprises. Anyway I told them it was an emergency and
>>> the
>>> receptionist transferred me around until I finally wound up talking to a
>>> guy whose job is
>>> apparently to tell people no. He said he couldn't do it and there was no
>>> one else there who
>>> could until next monday. What a disgrace! heluva way to run a business.
>>> I thought I was in a
>>> government office! I can understand  understaffing induced by budget
>>> constraints and I
>>> can also understand people wanting to take a week of for Thanksgiving
>>> but there is no excuse
>>> for allowing an entire department to remain unattended for a whole week.
>>> There were at least 3
>>> people there and none of them could acomplish the simpleset task of
>>> looking up a part
>>> price on a computer screen or datasheet. Guess they don't communicate
>>> much amongst each other.
>>> maybe they just don't care. I wish they would put me in charge of NJ for
>>> a week. There would be
>>> some fundamental changes right quick!