Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2000/10/06

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Subject: Re: [Leica] A little too much play in the aperture ring?
From: Rick Dykstra <>
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2000 20:32:35 +1000

Hi Greg,

I have the Summilux version, the 35 1.4 Asph.  It also has a loose-ish
aperture ring, compared to some other Leica M lenses.  They're all a bit
different actually.  I've also noticed some variation from one lens to
another of the same model.  Call it 'personality'.

Knowing that other Leica lenses have loose aperture rings, like some of
mine, might help you sleep at night, but if it doesn't, try hitting the
bottle real hard, or get that lens back to a dealer or agent and ask for a
second opinion.

How are the pictures?  Oh! Probably honeymoon shots, oops, sorry for asking



> From: Grégoire Vandenschrick <>
> Organization: ucl
> Reply-To:
> Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 10:55:38 +0200
> To: <>
> Subject: [Leica] A little too much play in the aperture ring?
> Dear all,
> I use now my beautiful wedding gift for 20 days now (remember, Leica M6 TTL
> 0.72 silver chrome with summicron 35mm ASPH.) and don't know if I do become
> a little crazy, or is there really a little problem with the lens.
> Let's try to quantify it: with or without the lens shade, this is the same,
> and whatever the aperture I choose, the ring has, let's say a half
> millimeter movement from front to back in the bottom part of the ring,
> strangely, not the top part of the ring (I design the "bottom" of the ring
> the part of the aperture ring that is in contact with the table when you put
> the camera with lens in the normal position on... a table for instance, ok?
> and the top part of the ring the one you look at to choose the aperture, the
> one in vis-à-vis with the white index of the lens shade). So, the bottom
> part of the ring move from front to back on a half millimeter play. I know
> that such a play will not alarm a lot of people when you read it, but
> please, take your lens, and check if your aperture ring has the same play
> and let me know if you find it perfect, normal or disastrous. This is the
> kind of thing that keep me awake all night long.
> Thank you to check this detail on your 35 summicron ASPH.
> mine has #3879890
> N.B. I don't speak here of the little more opening you can have foregoing
> the aperture f/2 setting
> Thank you again,
> Gregoire Vandenschrick
> Brussel
> Belgium